Using unorthodox techniques to re-energize the innovative and inventive creative spirit.

Intentionally I avoid form to allow the colors of my work to carry the weight of the piece. 

My work is an attempt to touch the untouchable, to resonate with the human soul.

In a way a person must first learn how to look at my work using a technique I call; relaxed gazing. Do not strain your eyes, bringing your corneas to a tightened frenzy. Instead forget the surface and allow yourself to enter the work without scrutinizing. This technique can be applied to many other works of art but not all are designed to be appreciated this way.

I don’t consider myself to be a painter. 

I am a sculptor of paint, working on a plane surface while dealing with fourth and fifth dimensional material. I am offering the viewer something new within the realm of colorful two dimensional art.

I move with the painting. A state of automatic planning. I am the painting. That is the only way an artist can truly connect the viewer with their work.

In painting there is nowhere to hide, I love this. My composition utilizes the full intensity and emotion of color.

I will not let art tell me what my art should be.

Many artists have avoided making claims about their work, their process and the relations between the two. I can not speak for them.

The only time I truly feel somewhat in command of my world is when I am creating. But at the same time I feel as though I have no command over it more so my work has it's command over me, directing my tools and heightening my senses.

I do not know where it comes from nor do I care, I'm just happy that it is.